Buyer/lender information

For lenders

One of the industry’s best sources of loan leads offers lenders a raft of features that differentiate us from the competition and give us the ability to provide them with some of the best leads in the industry.

Unparalleled quality
We monitor leads generated by our affiliates through our quality control process. This stringent process means it is possible for us to ensure they generate the highest quality leads with industry-leading rates of conversion to pass on to lenders.
Precision Lead Generation
Our affiliates have the ability to generate leads that are geo-targeted and filtered by demographics. We focus on the specifications provided by our partners to deliver the right clients.
We Listen
We don't just stop at taking into account your preferences when offering our services. We continually evaluate our processes by conducting regular follow ups with our partners to gain a better understanding of how their leads are performing.

What we offer

Working to continuously improve and understand what makes for a strong loan prospect is part of our company’s DNA.
We process and analyze thousands upon thousands of unique leads. It is as a result of this, we have learned which customers are more likely to convert ahead of others. And we can weed out the types of leads that are going to be greater default risks. Unlike many of our competitors, we are well aware not all leads are created equal and we bear this in mind when working with our lending partners.

We also give our partners all the information they need in order to make informed decisions about the types of leads we offer. What’s more, our proprietary technology allows us to generate more ROI than any offered by our rivals in the industry.

That makes us one of the best at finding good leads and recording them appropriately.

Why choose us?

In order to ensure leads are the highest quality possible and stand the best chance of being converted into a loan, we developed our proprietary quality control software to investigate lead quality through the following systematic procedure. Collection of consumer data comes via a variety of sources. The consumer’s location verified through IP geolocation. Verification of collected data is completed by comparing the data against several databases thus ensuring the name, telephone number, email and physical address details given by the consumer are legitimate.

We rank leads by applying our proprietary software’s algorithm and if the lead ranking score is lower than our standard value, that lead will be discarded.

We evaluation leads with regard to our buyers’ filters and if found leads will be beneficial to our buyer they are forwarded, otherwise they are discarded.

Our analyst experts perform a daily audit of leads to ensure the complete process has been completed for all leads generated before they are sent on to buyers.

In addition to all of these steps, we also compare lead data from past to present in order to identify any cases of fraud. This quality control process ensures any manipulation of data is immediately detected and only genuine leads are sent to lenders.