Auto loan affiliate program

Auto loans are one of the most in-demand financial products in the world

Each month thousands upon thousands of people search for auto or car loans online in the US alone.

The auto loan debt market in the US has expanded annually at an average rate of almost 10% since 2006. From June 2010 to June 2016, the auto loan debt in the US grew from more than $700 billion to $1.103 trillion. That debt growth means auto loans are second only to mortgage debt in terms of growth in the US. Auto loan affiliate programs are a great way to capitalize on this financial sector by making money via a website or blog. has devised an auto loan affiliate program that gives affiliates greater opportunities of earning money, and we provide our affiliates with all the resources they need to be successful as an auto loan affiliate.

LeadsNetwork’s auto loan affiliate program is world-class

We give affiliates tools that mean earning money from their website is as simple and easy as possible.

To make your website as effective as possible, we offer a multitude of creative solutions that include email creatives, banner ads, content and forms that integrate with your website seamlessly. Because we host all of these forms and creatives it makes it simple for you to just add them and go. By adding our text links and banners to your site you will start to earn commission for every auto loan lead we are then able to refer on to an appropriate lender.

At, we are committed to ensuring our affiliate publishers succeed after we have formed a partnership with them. And that is the reason why we offer you more than our competition.

Our publisher program is truly second-to-none. We have put together a package that is unrivalled among opportunities in the online lending industry. It includes:

  • Landing pages with some of the best conversion rates in the industry. We make responsiveness a key priority and that is why we adopt a mobile-first philosophy when it comes to our templates and websites. Traffic to our landing pages is geared towards high rates of conversion rates and that means we can offer affiliates larger payouts than our competitors can.
  • Auto loan website templates consist of easy-to-upload HTML files that, after uploading and customizing the template you choose to your liking, you are ready to go live and begin earning payouts for the lead referrals generated by the forms we provided along with the site.
  • We also offer a selection of Javascript forms which can be easily added to an existing site. This means you can start earning payouts even more quickly.
  • Mobile-friendly, attractive and professional banner ads, email templates and lists of keywords. All updated regularly.
  • One of the best dashboards in the industry, it features statistics and data reports that are updated in real time and specifically designed to assist you to customize how you run campaigns and determine what is and what is not working.
  • Commission payments for commissions over $100 are paid weekly; on time, every time.