Business loan affiliate program

We work with the leading loan originators and business lending platforms that want quality leads. Earn higher income by sending us quality traffic.

As our affiliate, you benefit from:

  • Competitive payouts paid up to 90% weekly
  • Dashboard analytics online
  • A dedicated account manager
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The small business loan market is growing and booming as borrowers search for them online more and more. They do this because the process is both easier and faster than trying to borrow from a traditional bank.

Lead volume for small business loans is projected to grow in double digits until at least 2020

Small business loans are a promising vertical for publishers to focus on. A wide range of financial products are available for potential borrowers, including the following:

Merchant Cash Advance: a small business financing option with short payment term usually less than 24 months and with regular payments made on each business day.

Line of credit: credit used at a borrower’s discretion. Interest is paid on money withdrawn. However, a borrower may have to pay an unused line fee on money not that has not been withdrawn within a set term.

Short term loan: helps with temporary financial problems, usually repaid over a short term or by lump sum.

Medium and long-term loans: medium term are repaid in installments up to 5-10 years. Repayment of long-term loans involve 20-30 years.

Equipment financing: helps a business conserve capital when buying or replacing equipment.

Invoice financing (factoring): A financial transaction where a business sells accounts to a third party at discount.

SBA/start-up loans: usually extended to existing businesses but start-ups are also eligible.

Business credit card: for use by a business rather than an individual.

After signing up with, help with any of these products can be provided by your dedicated account manager