Car insurance affiliate program

With assistance that is world-class and provided by leading-edge technology, unparalleled rates of conversion, innovative digital marketing support and a reliable weekly payment schedule, it is little wonder is one of the world’s most-trusted car insurance affiliate programs.

Become a affiliate and enjoy the advantages of our proprietary software. As an authority in the insurance lead generation industry,’s experience makes affiliation with us a worthwhile addition to your site.

What are the opportunities for publishers in the market for car insurance?
The payday loan affiliate market is big, but provides tools and a level of support that goes unmatched in the industry.

Whatever lead generation model you follow, be it email marketing, paid search, organic ranking, pay-per-click, content marketing and more, offers truly leading-edge tools and technology to empower publishers to succeed.
What benefits are there for publishers? is one of the car insurance industry’s largest marketplaces. Our extensive network allows publishers to earn more from car insurance leads than they can with any other insurance affiliate program.

We have a wealth of experience in both the finance and insurance industries meaning we can offer successful strategies to reach more consumers, build successful relationships with some of the leading insurance providers, raise rates of conversion and optimize generation of leads. offers publishers:
High rates of conversion
We combine the advanced tools offered by our proprietary technology with our experience in the finance and insurance industries to make one of the industry’s largest and most-trustworthy car insurance affiliate platforms. Our rates of conversion are unrivaled and that means more revenue for publishers.
Easy and timely payments has a reputation for paying publishers on time, every time. Meanwhile, we also offer a wide variety of payment types and schedules. Publishers can choose between flat CPA, structured tier payouts and revenue share with payments made via wire transfer, ACH, check, PayPal and more.
Proprietary technology utilizes its own proprietary software to optimize connecting consumers with insurance providers. That means we can boast of having some of the highest rates of conversion and of our publishers receiving some of the highest payouts in the industry.
A publisher dashboard that is cutting-edge publishers are equipped with top-of-the-range tools such as intuitive and highly-effective marketing tools such as custom banner ads and email templates, as well as analytics in real-time to gain insight about strategies that are working and those that aren’t.
For pay per call publishers,’s dashboard gives them the ability to create telephone numbers that are unique to each campaign. provides publishers with support that is unrivaled
We provide a support level (and tools) that are unmatched by any of our competitors in the car insurance affiliate program market.

Whether you are a pay per call or a pay per lead publisher, with a publisher is more likely to experience success than with any other platform.

Our support and tools include:
Email Marketing
Our email marketing platform gives users a variety of basic templates and formats to select from. All of them are compatible with the industry best practice and are up-to-date for CAN-SPAM compliance. All templates are tested for all major platforms for viewing, including mobile.
Pay per call management tool
Results can be difficult to track when it comes to pay per call campaigns.’s platform allows for publishers to create unique telephone numbers for each campaign, making data easier to review. .
Paid search support that is AdWords certified
Even paid search publishers with extensive experience have learned the AdWords Certified experts on our staff know just as much— perhaps more— about advanced PPC as them.
Organic Traffic
Our affiliate support team has all the know-how when it comes to generating organic traffic, and they are well-placed to support publishers in any campaign type to get it.
Integration that is unparalleled
We offer one of the market’s most robust and versatile car insurance affiliate programs. We know the job of our publishers is to generate leads that are high-quality. Our staff take care of the rest.’s platform allows publishers to

  • Send traffic direct to our websites easily;
  • Integrate our forms with their own sites;
  • Post and host leads from their form back to us;
  • Post and ping loan leads using a tier structure and much more.
We tirelessly work for the success of our publishers
The publisher support team works constantly to develop new tools and improve existing ones.

We offer:
Web support that is world-class offers a multitude of fully maintained and hosted websites that take the hassle of your backend management, as well as integration and design support for a site hosted by you. Providing publishers with the exact support they need is something we specialize in.
Publisher university
Expertly-sourced advice is a feature of our publisher university and is designed to give even the most experienced car insurance affiliates an edge. We give insights into the various different insurance industries with the goal of increasing rates of conversion, marketing compliance guides and up-to-date hints and tips on the best campaign tools.
Fresh Banner Ads
We don’t recycle campaigns, our creates are always original, fresh and eye-catching and are geared to make steering leads in our direction even easier.
Social Media Marketing Materials
Facebook is the king of click-based marketing and we have developed an ever-growing library of text and images that are proven to generate leads.
Advanced JavaScript Forms
Our universal and easily customized forms will fit any campaign needs, and the can be seamlessly integrated into your website. Flexible and robust JavaScript forms mean the unique feel and look of your brand is maintained while generating leads.
Advice from SEO experts
We constantly work to ensure our publisher’s sites are well-positioned within relevant keyword searches, and this means it is more likely organic search methods show results with sites within our network. We utilize unique copy sourced from writers based in the US, and offer detailed link-building advice with the goal of maintaining high SEO standards.
XML Integration’s automated XML integration makes it easy to rapidly create and adapt solutions for generating leads
Mobile First
We take a mobile-first approach in the development of every website meaning our publishers and us are up-to-date with all the latest trends when it comes to internet usage. In keeping with the mobile first philosophy our payouts for mobile generated leads and live phone transfers are among the best in the industry.
Online self-service publisher portal
Our publisher support dashboard is world-class and gives publishers access 24/7 to statistic reports in real time statistics reports and other insights giving affiliates more power and control than they would have from any other car insurance platform.
Partnerships that are fully customizable
At publishers are assigned their own specialists in order to develop custom lead generating programs and partnerships.