What is LeadNetwork.com?
LeadNetwork.com is a limited liability company operating a technology platform comprising of an online marketplace where publishers sell consumer requests and buyers pay a flat price per lead, per click or per call.
Why choose LeadNetwork.com?
At LeadNetwork.com publishers are our top priority, and we provide them with among the leading payouts in the industry, that’s coupled with unrivalled technical support and those payouts are made weekly. LeadNetwork.com also provides customizable website forms and templates and more.
How do I sign up for LeadNetwork.com as a publisher?
  1. Click the 'Sign Up' button in the top navigational menu.
  2. Fill out and submit the one-page form.
  3. We will then contact you to discuss your marketing needs.
How do I sign up for LeadNetwork.com as an advertiser?
  1. Click the 'Contacts' button in the bottom navigational menu.
  2. Fill out and submit the one-page form.
  3. We will then contact you to discuss your marketing needs.
Do I have to pay any fees to sign up for LeadNetwork.com as a publisher or an advertiser?
Can I sign up for LeadNetwork.com if I live outside of the US?
Yes. LeadNetwork.com accepts publishers from anywhere in the world.
How often are my performance statistics and other data updated?
All statistics and data are displayed in real-time and are available 24/7. You can login anytime to view your performance reports.
When do I get paid?
LeadNetwork.com pays out commission on a weekly basis to those publishers with commissions of more than $100. We operate under NET 7 payment terms meaning you can expect to receive commission payment for quality traffic about 7 days from the conclusion of each billing period. Again, publishers receive payouts when their commission exceeds $100.
What is your minimum payment policy?
Payment is sent weekly provided your account has reached the minimum requirement of $100.
Do I need W-9 or W-8 BEN Forms to be paid?
Publishers based in the US are required to fill out the W-9 Form. Publishers based outside of the US do not have to fill out a W8 BEN Form to be paid, but we do appreciate having one on file.
What is the Publisher Referrals Program, and how much can I earn from referring publishers?
The Publisher Referrals Program pays you rewards for every publisher you get to sign up with LeadNetwork.com. We pay you a 3% bonus on ALL commission generated by the publishers you referred. This is paid as part of your commission and you can track your revenue from referrals by viewing your statistics reports.

If you wish to make a publisher referral to LeadNetwork.com, please ensure you send them your unique referral tracking link which is found in your Publisher Dashboard.
What types of media are permitted for promoting offers on LeadNetwork.com?
We supply our publishers with "proven to convert" banners and email designs for every offer. We do allow publishers to use their designs with the prior approval of our publisher team.
Which marketing methods are permitted for offers?
Each offer lists the permissible methods of marketing. Please ensure you carefully follow the instructions provided for each offer.
Do I have to use your website or am I able to use my own?
LeadNetwork.com presents a range of options to our publishers, you can send to our site or you can use your own.
Do I need my own Forms or do you provide them?
We are happy to provide "our forms to publishers" to save them the technical work, however you can also use your own forms and post "leads" to us via API.
What types of sites do you accept for promotion of LeadNetwork.com offers?
Our publisher team will carefully review your site to ensure it complies with the law and does not mislead consumers.
Can I promote LeadNetwork.com offers via social media or job listing sites?
As long as there is no deception of consumers, promotion on social media and job listing websites is permitted. However, please contact your Publisher Manager for prior approval.
What kinds of traffic do you accept?
We accept SEO, PPC, Email, Display, Banner, Radio and TV traffic. We don’t accept any incentivized, fraudulent or call center generated traffic.
How is traffic generated?
We generate traffic via online media such as Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Display as well as Radio and TV. We do not work with incentivized or call center generated traffic.
Are your leads exclusive?
All leads are sold exclusively to the lender that purchases them, we do not double sell or engage in pointless re-marketing.
I am a local store front; is there any way I can benefit from your program?
We service lenders ranging from large conglomerates down to your local storefront, make an inquiry regarding our Storefront Program for more information on how LeadNetwork.com can help you to grow today.
Do you have a minimum purchase amount to begin?
Leads can be purchased at the amount you desire. We have no limits or restrictions.
What lead delivery methods do you use?
We have the ability to integrate any third party proprietary system or lead management software. We also deliver leads via email if no systems are available.
Do you comply with the Online Lenders Alliance guidelines?
LeadNetwork.com has accreditation as a vendor through the Online Lenders Alliance.
Can you provide examples of conversion ratios?
Rates of conversion and performance stats can be provided on a different price point basis. Speak to a dedicated account manager for more details.
For Search/PPC marketing, am I able to bid on or use brand names?
No. We provide a full list of terms which are added as a NEGATIVE match.
Can you drive my website traffic?
We are able to redirect consumers to your website directly and in real-time via the clicks platform. Speak to a dedicated account manager for more details.
How do I find a campaign’s tracking link?
  1. Login to your publisher account
  2. Click on ‘My Campaigns’
  3. Select the desired campaign
  4. The tracking link can be found on the right side. You can also create up to 3 Sub ID’s.
How can I download an email campaign’s suppression file?
  1. Login to your publisher account
  2. Click on ‘My Campaigns’
  3. Select the desired campaign
  4. The link for downloading the suppression file can be found on the left side.
How does LeadNetwork.com stop or deal with fraud?
Our goal is to ensure our advertisers receive only the highest quality leads and valid sales.
We monitor every campaign constantly to detect and deal with any attempts at fraud such as duplicate and proxy IPs, bots, suppression list abuse, click frequency and more.

If you know or suspect fraud is being conducted by a publisher or by an advertiser, please file a report by filling out the contact us form on this site and the matter will be investigated.

Confirmed fraudulent practices will result in permanent removal from our publisher network, and also the turning over of the offenders to the advertiser, as well as US Federal and State authorities.
I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
On the Login page, click the reset password.
What type of customer support do you offer?
Every account has a dedicated account manager with many years of experience in the industry. Full creative and technical support is also available to all advertisers and publishers.