A Productive Start to 2024 - Networking and Innovation at Industry-Leading Events

A Productive Start to 2024

Lead Generation Florida: Kicking Off the Year with Insights

LeadNetwork is thrilled to announce a promising start to the year 2024, marked by our active participation in two significant industry events during the month of January. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of the affiliate marketing and lead generation landscape led us to attend the Lead Generation Florida conference and Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, where we had the privilege of engaging with industry peers, sharing insights, and forging valuable connections.

Affiliate Summit West in Vegas: A Diverse and Fulfilling Experience

Following our successful participation in Lead Generation Florida, our team embarked on another exciting journey to the Affiliate Summit West, held in Las Vegas from January 15th to 17th. This event, renowned for its diversity and enrichment, brought together industry experts and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Affiliate Summit West in Vegas

Meet Market Table #1518: Presenting Our Vision

On the first day of Affiliate Summit West, we had the honor of presenting LeadNetwork at Meet Market Table #1518. CEO Anton Ignatenko, Director of Publisher Relations Michael Koval, and CMO Kostiantyn Karpalov were present to represent our company and share our vision with attendees. This day was marked by engaging conversations, the establishment of fruitful partnerships, and the introduction of our innovative solutions to the affiliate marketing community.

Meet Market Table #1518

Expo: A Day of Exploration

The second day of Affiliate Summit West was dedicated to the Expo, where we had the chance to explore the latest industry trends, technologies, and emerging opportunities. It was an invaluable experience that expanded our knowledge and broadened our horizons.

Mailer Meetup: Supporting Industry Growth

In addition to the Expo, we were proud sponsors of the Mailer Meetup, a fantastic event organized by Addicted Affiliates. Our sponsorship contributed to an enriching experience for all attendees, supporting industry growth and collaboration.

As we reflect on these enriching experiences, we are energized and motivated for the year ahead. The knowledge gained, the connections forged, and the insights acquired during these events have reinforced our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Upcoming Event: AFFILIATE WORLD Dubai

Furthermore, we are excited to announce our participation in AFFILIATE WORLD Dubai later this month. It promises to be another exceptional opportunity to network, learn, and showcase our expertise in the affiliate marketing industry. We can't wait to connect with fellow professionals and contribute to the growth of this dynamic field.

Together, we will make 2024 a year of success, growth, and endless possibilities.