Becoming a payday loan

affiliate publisher

Anyone who has experience with internet or affiliate marketing knows payday loans, particularly in the US market, are among the most lucrative and the most competitive. People are always looking to get a little extra cash to tide them over until their next pay. Therefore payday loans affiliate programs represent a huge opportunity to earn considerable money as an affiliate.

Payday loans still attract controversy yet the fact is they still hold a key niche in the personal loan vertical and that is the reason for their enduring popularity. The traditionally high interest rates and large fees attached to these loans makes taking the risk attractive for lenders, while becoming an affiliate places you squarely between the payday lender and the consumer.

In a payday loan affiliate program publishers do not fund payday loans. Ultimately their goal is to connect people who fill out loan applications with an appropriate lender. Cooperation between affiliates and affiliate networks is to fulfill this common goal.

Participation in a payday loan offer affiliate program can be an inexpensive or relatively costly exercise and the time and effort involved depends on the backup and support offered by your provider. Success is dependent on treating this as serious business to reap all the rewards of being an affiliate.
However, the effort can pay off and the best payday loan affiliate programs are geared to take as much of the hard work off your plate as possible. Look for a provider that provides website templates and different marketing and advertising ideas, alongside 24-hour customer support.
Once payday loan affiliates have created a website the idea is to drive traffic back to the affiliate program they have joined. The more traffic they monetize, the more money they make. There are numerous opportunities for affiliates proactive enough to put in the work to earn money.

Getting started is the easy part…

Getting started as a payday loan affiliate is easy, it is putting an effective SEO marketing plan together is slightly tougher. First the easy part;

  1. Join a payday loan affiliate program such as to setup a way of monetizing both your audience and leads generated.
  2. Devise a strategy for creating a niche payday loan/personal finance site or blog (this can be targeted at a localized audience to in boost search engine rankings – for example, Texas payday loans). This strategy could include a base of high quality articles up to 2000 words each, maybe some useful guest blog posts from other relevant sites and the use of localized/long tail payday loan related keywords.
  3. Go live with your efforts to link build and your content, and monitor what is ranking and driving traffic.

Here is where it gets a little more difficult…

The task of a payday loan affiliate is to find ways of making their own website ranks as highly as possible in search engine results pages, thus driving visitors to their site. This should result in more forms being completed which then become leads. Learning the best search engine optimization methods and how to achieve good organic search results will help save you time and money.

Effective marketing and advertising as well as useful high-quality content is critical in this industry; it helps you understand the best ways to lead potential clients to the application page. Clear but attractive layouts, banners, and call-to-action type messages attract the attention of and help influence users. Another way of increasing traffic is by using mobile apps. Targeting a specific audience with a campaign is one of the easiest ways of making money through payday loans. Targeting an audience looking for or needing a payday loan is crucial to success. Once selecting a specific audience an affiliate should primarily focus on customers in that niche and continually promote offers directed at them.

Staying on top of trends is also important for affiliates. The rules of internet marketing change constantly and what worked six months ago may not work now. To be a successful payday loan affiliate you must spend time to stay up-to-date with changes in search engine policy when it comes to internet marketing. Good affiliate program providers are also a valuable source of information for this and your provider should be a go-to for information about changes and how to comply with rules and regulations. They usually also monitor your activity and have the right to penalize or even ban users who don’t comply with their rules or state/federal legislation.

Ultimately the responsibility for monitoring their site’s statistics falls to the payday loan affiliate so they should pay attention to what is working and what is not. Being patient as well as being flexible enough to be prepared to switch tactics are key to successful affiliate marketing.