Pay per Call – marketing methods,

hints and tips for publishers

Marketing methods used for generating pay-per-call leads

Email to call Some 60% of emails are now read on mobile/cell phones. And it is simple to include a contact phone number in an email. All a consumer needs to do to make a mobile call is click on the contact number included in the email text. If sending emails that promote your publisher offers, it is possible to earn extra income by selling mobile calls. Including a contact phone number increases credibility, studies have shown both revenue and click through rate from an email campaign can be increased with the inclusion of a contact phone number.
Click to call About 50% of all mobile searches attract a phone call. Most mobile internet users use a click to call button to contact a business directly from a search results page. Both Bing Ads and Google Adwords offer call extensions. To see how many calls your Bing Ads or Google Adwords are generating, you can opt to use their phone number/call tracking functions.
Bing Ads Bing Ads’ extensions offer local area code phone numbers, while Google Adwords does not have this function. Local area code phone numbers achieve higher rates of click to call than toll free numbers.
Google Adwords Via Google Adwords you have the ability to set up multiple call conversions based on call length. You can also set conversion values for each conversion in order to track your return on investment (ROI). Some campaigns pay out a flat rate for a 60 second call and pay a bonus if a call lasts for 10 minutes.
Enhanced campaigns Enhanced campaigns no longer have the option to not bid on desktop searches. However, you still have the option of lowering bids for desktop searches and increasing your bids for mobile searches by up to 300%. This means it decreases the chance your ad will show up on a desktop search and increases the likelihood your ad will show on a mobile search.
Certain keywords Certain keywords outperform others for pay per call offers. Also some keywords signal higher intent than others. For example the keyword combination “Dallas DUI attorney” has higher probability of generating a phone call to a lawyer than the keyword [DUI].
SMS to call Here are some examples of compliant SMS to call promotional methods.

Example 1:
If a consumer sees a banner ad stating: “Text “Save” to 98865 to learn more about saving on auto insurance”. After the consumer sends the text message with the word “Save” to the number stated, the consumer receives a reply text stating: “Call (866) 988-9181 to save money on car insurance. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Example 2:
Only when a consumer has already opted to receive promotional text messages from a publisher it is acceptable to send text messages promoting pay per call offers. The publisher should continue to give subscribers the option to opt out and follow TCPA guidelines when sending text messages.
Banner to call There are numerous banner ad networks. Most of these ad networks allow you to target mobile devices. Some ad networks allow you to set up banner to call campaigns that allow consumers to make a call by clicking on the banner ad.
Website to call Adding a phone number to the header of a website adds credibility and increases the chance of people seeing the phone number. Make sure inside your html code you add the phone number in the same way you would add a link with tel:+(country code) before the phone number.
Hold to call Instead of playing hold music while your callers are waiting you can play a brief commercial advertising an offer relevant to your callers. For example, people on hold to the collections department can hear a commercial about getting a loan for paying their bills. For example: “While you wait to speak to the next available support representative consider this offer from our partner: If you are employed you may qualify for a short term loan. Call (866) 988-9181 to apply.
Radio to call Even before the advent of the internet, companies have generated phone calls from prospective customers by advertising on radio. Many radio stations will agree to be paid per inquiry, meaning per call. Creating a radio commercial is very cheap. You can hire a script writer and voice talent for as little as $5 on
Online radio to call Unlike conventional radio, some online radio networks have the ability to add a click to call button to the ad. Among the most popular that offer advertising opportunities are iTunes radio via iAd or Pandora.
TV to call Direct response advertising has featured on TV for decades. Many TV channels are willing to get paid per inquiry. Many pay per call offers are promoted on TV screens. You may have seen generic TV commercials for tax services or other services.
Flyer to call Flyers and posters are a very effective form of marketing. Be it in public transport or poster pillars.
Yellow Pages to call Before the advent of the internet, companies have generated phone calls from Yellow Pages Listings. However, Yellow Pages have evolved from the hefty print form of old and become more of an online business listing resource. Although the print directories still exist, the focus has shifted to digital mediums. By advertising in the Yellow Pages, you are able to list both your business’ website, and phone number for potential customers to call in as leads. Depending on the offers you run, you may want to consider the Yellow Pages for their unique demographic. The demographic of print version Yellow Pages users, are people with higher income from 45 years old and older.
Pay per view (PPV) to call Pay per view (PPV) to call: Pay per view or cost per view (CPV) advertising is a quality and good source for paying for traffic. This is a good method of generating targeted pop-under traffic. There are numerous CPV ad networks, and some CPV ad networks allow you to set up call campaigns allowing consumers to make a call by clicking on the pop under. With most CPV models, you pay for each impression. So why not make sure you include a clickable phone number to call within your advertisement, so to increase your chances of prospects taking action on your ad.
Print to call Despite the rise of the internet advertising in print is still a huge market meaning phone calls from print ads still lead to high conversion rates.
WhatsApp to call WhatsApp to call: WhatsApp has 18.4 million daily users in the US alone and remains a largely untapped market for generating leads.
WeChat to call WeChat to call: WeChat continues to grow and because of features such as QR code leads for your business can be generated by integrating opt in forms.
Viber to call Viber to call: Currently Viber does not offer any advertising opportunities.
Skype to call Skype to call: Skype offers a pay per call ad unit feature that turns users' contact details into a live connection with their account.