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Personal loans are the credit industry’s foundation, and after financial crises, the market is making a comeback in a big way. For personal loan affiliates this represents a prime opportunity. is one of the world’s most trustworthy platforms for personal loan affiliates. We offer unrivalled support to publishers through high conversion rates, proprietary technology, high ethical standards, top-of-the-line digital marketing material, and a weekly payment schedule.

Here is all the know-how about why has the market’s best personal loan affiliate program.

What are personal loans?
Personal loans are the financial product responsible for kick-starting the credit industry. Traditionally used for major life events, paying for weddings, emergencies, or even purchasing large appliances. And as credit cards have become more popular (in tandem with an increase in the interest rates they charge) personal loans have assumed the additional role of helping consumers control their credit card debt (due to the fact personal loans usually attract lower interest rates), or to handle other debt with high-interest such as medical bills.

Credit cards have assumed the role of the most common form of personal credit in recent years and are heavily promoted by commercial banks because they are much more profitable. Studies show people are more likely to spend more if they are swiping plastic, they tend to be even willing to spend up to two times the price for an item when using a card. This tendency for a greater spend also means it is less likely the balance will be paid off on a monthly basis, increasing the profit from interest payments.

Today’s consumers are used to having credit on tap, but they are also looking to be more conservative with money and fiscally responsible.
What are the opportunities for affiliates in the personal loan market?
The market for personal loans is seeing huge exponential growth.

The number of consumers taking out a personal loan in 2015 grew by 30% on 2013 (from about 10.57 million in 2013 to 13.72 million recorded in 2015). Bankrate projects 24 million Americans will have taken out a personal loan by the close of 2016.

The personal loan market has also witnessed a monumental shift towards peer-to-peer lending thanks to technological innovations. The peer-to-peer loan market globally is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 53.06% through to 2020.

All of this means there are more consumers seeking lenders than ever before in the personal loan market, antd personal loan affiliates stand to reap the rewards from this demand.
What benefits are there of being a affiliate? is one of the largest marketplaces for the sale of personal loans, auto loans, business loans, and more. We have an impressive network of buyers which means publishers have the opportunity to earn more income from loan leads than they can with any other affiliate program available within the financial sector. Our dedicated team has developed proprietary tools that are world-class and designed to ensure our publishers succeed with their goals—and we work constantly to improve all aspects of our business, adding new buyers, increasing conversion rates and lead distribution optimization offers affiliates:
High conversion rates
The rates of conversion for our websites are unparalleled—meaning that translates into higher pay outs to affiliates. Our innovative tools, proprietary technology for connecting consumers to lenders, integrity and history in combination makes one of the industry’s largest and most trustworthy personal loan affiliate programs.
Timely and easy payments is known for its hassle free and quick payments to affiliates. Once conversions take place via our marketplace, we pay affiliates on time, every time. also offers a wide range of payment types and schedules. Publishers have the choice of revenue share, flat CPA and tier structured payouts. Payments are made via wire transfer, PayPal, check, Bank ACH and more.
A cutting-edge publisher dashboard
When affiliates join they have access to publishing tools that are top-of-the-line, such as analytics statistics and reports in real time that give them meaningful insights into what is working for them and what is not, as well as highly effective and intuitive marketing tools likes like customizable email templates and banner ads.
LeadNetworkcom_support_is_geared_to_ensure_affiliates_succeed’s support is geared to ensure affiliates succeed
The market for personal loan finance is vast, but has a level of support and range of tools that are unmatched in the industry.
Whatever the lead generation method you choose, from organic ranking, paid search, email marketing, content marketing, pay per click and more, we offer technology and tools that are truly leading-edge and geared to ensure publishers succeed.
Email Marketing
Relying heavily on email marketing to promote our business, LeadNetwork knows what it is doing and offers email marketing creatives to publishers that are world-class and are designed with a real insight into what is needed to run a successful campaign. Our in-house specialists test and design a range of email formats and make use of A/B testing to understand what is working and what isn’t. Email layouts and designs are optimized to work across all platforms and thoroughly tested. And, most importantly, our email program is built to overcome the challenges publishers face, optimizing aesthetics and design, bypassing SPAM filters and even managing list segmentation. It is no surprise our email creatives outperform any other personal loan affiliate program.
Certified AdWords paid search support’s support for paid search publishers is both hands-on and unrivaled. Paid search publishers have learned that our AdWords Certified specialists know just as much—possibly more—when it comes to advanced PPC as they do.
Organic Traffic
The support team for affiliates at has vast understanding when it comes to generating organic traffic, meaning we are ready and equipped to assist you in all of your efforts to achieve this.
Unsurpassed integration is not only one of the market’s largest personal loan affiliate programs, it is also one of the most robust and versatile. We know affiliates want to generate high-quality leads and we can make that happen. The platform we offer allows affiliates to send traffic direct to our websites easily, it is also easy to integrate our forms on their sites, post and host leads from their forms to us, post and ping loan leads via a tier structure and much more.
Web support that is world-class offers publishers a range of presentation options and website templates for generating leads. From fully maintained and hosted websites meaning you are not burdened with backend management, to integration and design support for sites you host, we pride ourselves in providing as much assistance to publishers as we can. We offer WordPress themes and HTML templates that are fully customizable and make the task of lead generation website development as simple as copy and pasting.
Email templates
Our platform for email marketing provides a wide and diverse range of basic templates and formats to select from. All are CAN-SPAM compliant and compatible with industry best practice. Each of our templates work well across every main viewing platform, including mobile.
Fresh Banner Ads
In our mission to provide the very best support to our display marketing publisher partners, we continually create visual marketing material. At LeadNetwork, we do not recycle a campaign—we create fresh samples original and eye-catching concepts that make the task of driving leads in our direction even easier.
Social Media Marketing Materials
Facebook reigns the realm of ad-based marketing. We offer a wide range of textual and Facebook ads that are regularly-updated. They also comply with all the major ad exchange networks.
Advanced JavaScript Forms
Our universal yet customizable forms have been developed to integrate seamlessly into your website. Flexible yet robust JavaScript forms allow you to maintain your unique web presence while lead-generating for us.
Expert SEO Advice
We tirelessly work to position publisher’s sites within the most relevant keyword searches to increase the likelihood organic search methods will find sites that are within our network. We source unique copy from writers based in the US, and offer a detailed guide to link-building in order to gain a high standard of SEO.
XML Integration
We proudly offer integration via XML. This means it is simple to quickly create and adapt solutions to generate leads.
Mobile First
Every website we develop is with a mobile first approach, meaning we—and our publishers—are up-to-date with the latest internet usage trends. In keeping with the mobile first spirit, we offer attractive payouts for live phone transfers and mobile generated leads.
Self-service online publisher portal
Our proprietary platform means can offer affiliates access 24/7 to statistics reports in real time and other highly useful insights. Our platform gives affiliates the ability to simultaneously create multiple campaigns for different offers.
Sub-ID Tracking
Our tracking technology is state-of-the-art and allows affiliates to create tracking links using up to 4 sub IDs.
Fully Customizable Partnerships
We believe in building strong relationships at To that end we assign affiliates their own specialist and account managers in order to develop custom partnerships and lead generation programs for innovators who have skillsets and talents not covered on this page elsewhere is among the world’s most trusted personal loan affiliate platforms is one of the largest marketplaces for the sale of personal loans, auto loans, business loan. We aren’t a fly-by-night finance company, nor do we operate in the shadows. has been around for some time and has made personal connections across the industry, from affiliates, to lenders and even to consumers themselves. We actively take part in industry trade shows and are just as active on the ground as we are on the web.’s reputation and proven track record is backed up by business practices that are of the highest integrity, a dedication to innovation and support for publishers that is unparalleled. It is our primary goal to fully support everyone who uses our platform to succeed.

Ethics and integrity are at the foundations of our market position, and we build on this by following rigorous compliance guidelines and actively discourage such lead generation techniques as incentivized advertising. not only works to the letter of the law, b with the philosophy of providing the publishers, financial partners, and prospects alike the best possible service. Our compliance guide is stringent and we will revoke and affiliate’s active status if they are found to be breaching our rules during our regular checks. Good conduct includes clearly describing loan renewal policies, implications of late or non-payments and providing full contact information (including a physical address).

Our state-of-the-art tracking means we know the leads we work with are genuine live consumers and not robots.

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