Get your content noticed with these seven tips

If you want the content you produce to serve its intended purpose and drive your marketing goals, you have to be proactive about content promotion. Here we list seven tactics for content promotion that you should utilize to ensure your website gets the attention it deserves.

  1. Send out an email broadcast

Your email list is (ideally) comprised of people who have signed up because they have an interest in your brand and they want to receive the latest updates. According to email marketing specialists, Campaign Monitor , you are six times more likely to receive a click via an email campaign than you are from a tweet. You have an audience primed to promote content you produce because they are already engaged and more likely to share.

Once you publish a new piece of content, send an email to everyone on your list. Be sure to include a brief teaser about the content to try to encourage them to click, and be sure to make a call to action asking they share it.

A few days after you have sent the first email, use analytics to see who did not open it. Then send the broadcast again — but with a different subject line – to the same group. You may be surprised at the number of clicks you miss by only sending the broadcast out once.

If you are creating high volumes of content, how often to employ this strategy depends on your audience. For example, if subscribers have signed up for a weekly newsletter from you (and nothing more), then stick with that.

  1. Engage your community

There are plenty of platforms and tools to help you join in on the conversation in your industry and at the same time give your content more reach. Here are some of the options:

Social media groups

LinkedIn and Facebook groups provide great opportunities for digging deeper into social platforms and targeting your niche audience. Join the groups that are most relevant to your content, join in on the conversation, and promote your content naturally.

Content promotion networks

You can achieve more reach on social media by using the help of content promotion networks, for example Viral Content Bee. This platform connects you to other people that want to promote their own content. You can share their posts and receive credits you can then use for the promotion of your own posts.

Quuu is an automatic curation of content tool for people to share. Simply sign up to promote content you produce and select the appropriate categories. Your posts can then become part of the queue of curated content.

Online communities

There is a multitude of other platforms where you can join the conversation regarding topics connected with your niche. Join sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, where you can suggest content you have produced as a resource for answering people’s questions.

  1. Pay to promote

Advertising content is a recent concept that can deliver results, especially when compared to traditional tactics of direct marketing. Pay per click, or pay by the number of impressions to help content achieve more reach across a variety of platforms.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook you have the ability to create targeted ads based on a variety of criteria, including target location, demographics, and based on specific interests. If you have a good understanding of your target audience, you can take advantage of these features for your content promotion.


Outbrain is a promotion platform that display content on appropriate blogs and various news sites. The ‘related content’ section at the bottom of many web pages is usually packed with promoted content from Outbrain or a similar website.

  1. Use social media to reach out


Use BuzzSumo as a tool for locating social media users who are sharing content similar to yours. Just select a keyword relating to the content you want to promote and enter it in the search bar.

You will see a list detailing popular content associated with the keyword ranked by most shares overall. Look for the most relevant content post and select “View Sharers” — you will want to target the users on this list with your content.

Targeting influencers with many followers is important, but only if they are likely to engage. Select people with high reply and retweet ratios (as listed in their BuzzSumo profile).

  1. Connect with influencers away from social

Targeting influencers should not be limited to social media. Email is also likely to get attention, especially if the influencer has a prominent social profile. A cold email to an influencer can assist you in many aspects — getting comments, building links, or encouraging sharing.

Look at this email template:

Hello {name},

I was researching influencers in the {industry} space, stumbled across your name, and I admire the brand you have built up for yourself on Twitter.

The reason I am contacting you is because our content team recently put together a useful resource about {topic}, and I think it may be of value to your audience.

I realize you are busy, but if you time I would appreciate if you could share it around… Here is a link to the content: {insert clickable link}

And here is the link to the original article: {insert article URL and name}

Thanks again.


{Your name}

  1. Ask for your content to be included

Getting content to feature in roundups is an ideal way to achieve more reach and create backlinks simultaneously. You can find appropriate link roundups to target using Google. Include the keyword for your niche and one of the following:




Top 10

Best of

Once you have found relevant roundups, contact the roundup curator to suggest your post be considered next time.

  1. Write for others

Drive traffic from the web to important webpages on your site by guest posting or blogging. Create content and pitch it to other websites.

There numerous guest post opportunities, and finding them is easy.

Content marketing can help a lot in driving traffic to your website and help you achieve your business goals; however you must right steps when it comes to promoting your content.