Less direct ways to build affiliate links

Conventionally, when people talk about affiliate marketing , the conversation tends to focus on side-banner ads. A lot of bloggers forget side-banner ads are just one method of including affiliate links on their websites. Instead of only being offered affiliate links in banner ads, the tools and options available to affiliates continue to grow. Increasingly, bloggers have the ability to use affiliate links in more creative ways; both on their websites and off them. The following are among the most overlooked (or forgotten) methods to implement affiliate links:

One: images

You may not be aware you can add an affiliate link to your own images. You are likely to find your readers will react more positively to content when it is original, so it surely makes sense to include affiliate links in images as well. Including images help to break up a post that is text heavy and also makes a blog post easier to read and with the addition of a clickable link, you might find people are more likely to click through and buy!

Two: social media

Everyone knows the value of social media when it comes to promoting a brand but it also remains one of the easiest ways to rapidly promote affiliate links and deals that are time sensitive to followers. So be sure to include targeted posts occasionally or use the power of social media to promote offers that otherwise people may not have been aware of. Make sure every character counts!

Three: videos

Calling on all those video bloggers or vloggers out there, do you include links in your videos? If you are vlogging to promote a product, then it is worth your while to take the time to find an affiliate link for the product so you can then earn commissions based on any sales you send the product’s way. Make use of cues throughout the video you are making to set up just where you want affiliate links to pop up or at least, include the links in the video’s description.

Four: email newsletters

This may be one of the most overlooked places to incorporate affiliate links. Readers who sign up for your newsletter clearly care enough about the content of your blog to want updates to be sent to their personal email address. It stands to reason your newsletter subscription base probably includes some of your most loyal followers. Take advantage of this by subtly including affiliate links in the text of the email where it makes sense and appears natural. Don’t go overboard, but if you are talking about your favorite products…then it represents the perfect opportunity.

Try these out, you may find you get some great results and ultimately increases in conversions.